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TrueCoach Programs by Coach Pezz

Gyms are closed. Most non-essential businesses are shut down. Due to COVID-19, many people are stuck at home in a completely new way of living and being. But that doesn’t mean that now is the time to put fitness on the backburner. Coach Pezz is excited to start developing "Stay At Home" Programs using TrueCoach App for runners, triathletes or ANYONE who wants to develop or maintain a fitness base.

What is TrueCoach?

As explained in the Client tutorial, Coach Pezz will deliver personalized run workouts and/or strength exercises using text and videos like the ones below.  Each Client will have a specific number of repetitions and sets to suit their fitness level.
You, the client, can comment on specific workouts or send a direct message to Coach Pezz right from the TrueCoach app.

How do I start TrueCoach with Coach Pezz? 


1)  If interested in buying a TrueCoach program, call Coach Pezz for a  consultation to discuss fitness history and goals


2)  Choose a 4 Week TrueCoach Program for $125 OR an 8 Week Program for $200

3) Downoad the App and get started!

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