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Pezz has been a Coach and Sponsored Professional Runner/Endurance Athlete for The last 11 years!

Over this time, she has used her degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) while working in a variety of fitness related venues including Personal Training, Sports Training, and Coaching. When taking on new running clients, Pezz has a continued desire to help other people reach their goals. She has coached over 100 clients in the last 5 years and has had tremendous success in helping each to accomplish the goals they have set. Whether it has been to run their first 5k or to qualify for the Boston Marathon, she has had a broad range of in depth experiences and relationships with her clientele. While there are some common training principles across endurance events that she likes to apply to every program,  there is no standard recipe which can be applied to every athlete. Pezz meets and consults with her clientele and realizes that every athlete has individual strength and weaknesses, which need to be coached and developed individually and specifically. Her main goal for her athletes is not only for them to accomplish the goals they have set together, but to eventually help them reach their full potential as a runner, triathlete or endurance athlete.

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