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Check out the latest way to stay fit at HOME with the Training with Pezz Virtual Strength and Cardio Circuit Programs using: True Coach


Check out Coach Pezz's Latest Interview after qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Trials at the Twin Cities Marathon!
Diz Runs Radio: PEZZ InterviewDenny Krahe - Lakeland, United States
What some happy Pezzelles say:  

"I'd hit a bump in the (running) road.  Feeling as if every mile I was running slower, and making less progress.  Enter Coach Pezz Training and In 8 weeks, I've increased my pace in training, ran 2 PR's with my very first negative split, made more running friends, and have a great big support group!!!
 Training with Coach Pezz has been the best decision ever!!!"


- Erika Corley

"This Chica is awesome, if you want to improve your running or even just love it again you need to give her a call. She listens and works with your schedule and believe me mine is packed and it's totally working for me 💕"


- Training with Pezz Client,
Michelle Gambardelle.

""Pezz is not your average trainer/coach. She has helped me as a runner Without a doubt. But More importantly than that, I just came through the most traumatizing event of my entire life. A handful of people texted and called once they saw the news. Pezz was one of them. You can't put a price on that. "
"Training with Pezz" client"


- Angel Craig

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